Formula Growth Limited (“FG”) is an independent investment firm established in Montreal in 1960 with a long-term track record of creating investor wealth by managing equity portfolios for high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.


Key highlights:

  • Proven investment process over many economic and stock market cycles
  • Stability and depth of personnel
  • In-house research team with satellite offices located in New York and Hong Kong
  • Independent investment management services with no corporate affiliations
  • Partners and employees are substantially invested in FG products


Corporate Structure

Formula Growth is fully independent with no corporate affiliations. The firm is 100% owned by the partners, who manage all aspects of the business including long-term planning, developing and implementing investment strategies and managing the company on a daily basis. The firm is well positioned from a management succession and transition perspective as it now includes a fourth generation of employees who are part owners.

To learn more about Formula Growth’s history, please visit the history section.