Formula Growth Celebrates 60 Years

At the end of June 1960, John Dobson launched the Formula Growth Fund as an informal investment club with a dozen or so investors. Initial investors who stayed the course saw their investment increase an astonishing 1,200 times by June 30, 2020, or a net return of 12.5% CAD per year, strongly outperforming the U.S. stock market. It is a very rare achievement for an independent, open-ended investment fund to persevere for 60 years while delivering such remarkable results, and all of us at Formula Growth are very proud of this achievement. With the current state of the world making it difficult to appropriately celebrate our 60th anniversary, we will be sending our investors, supporters and friends (golfing friends as well!) a copy of the 2nd Edition of Up and to the Right: The Story of John W. Dobson and Formula Growth. Up and to the Right tells the story behind the late John Dobson’s investment success as well as his unwavering faith in the stock market despite its many ups and downs. The revised edition brings the Formula Growth story up to date explaining how the Formula Growth Fund has doubled in price since the first edition was published in 2014. It also describes how through the broadening of our successful hedge fund platform and expansion into Asia, assets under management have almost tripled. Building on the highly popular investment case studies featured in the first edition, it also includes more than a dozen additional and more recent examples, providing an invaluable educational tool for teaching students the art of investing.